Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP)

The Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP) was launched in late 2015 within the Fund’s Community Consolidation- Peace Consolidation 2016-2020 strategy. The Programme aims to help at risk young people build and develop life skills that foster good relations, build confidence and resilience and make them more employable. 

PYDP seeks to connect young people aged 16-25 to personalised learning, skills and employment opportunities with a central focus on good relations and preparing young people for the world of work. It is interested in engaging young people that are vulnerable to polarisation/recruitment to organisations opposed to the peace process and face barriers to participation in mainstream provision.  

PYDP is flexible and encourages participants to explore their needs and make decisions that improve their lives, communities and interactions with others.

The programme engages with young people who face a range of issues including; leaving the education system early; substance abuse; affected by homelessness; difficult family backgrounds; been in or close to criminal justice system; suffer from poor health or mental health issues; mistrust of statutory institutions; not participated in civic society in a positive manner; and come from communities with a negative view of their future.