bric Programme provides new look for Ardcarn Community flat

Ardcarn Tenants and Residents’ Association have proudly unveiled their recently refurbished Community Flat.

bric Programme provides new look for Ardcarn Community flat

Ardcarn Community flat has been given a makeover through the bric Programme

The project was made possible by the EU PEACE III funded Building Relationships in Communities (bric) Programme, a unique partnership between the Rural Development Council, Housing Executive and Tides Training which cultivates good relations across Northern Ireland through a range of activities.

As well as providing new signage and kitchen appliances at the facility, the bric Programme also supplied new carpets and park benches to help give the building a whole new look and make things even more comfortable for the array of people who enjoy using it.

Anne Birch, Chairperson of Ardcarn Tenants and Residents’ Association, said:

“The bric Programme has helped really revitalise our Community Flat and made it much more inviting for all of those who use it.

“The new appliances and facilities will help ensure we are able to continue to provide our range of services and support for years to come and we are very grateful for this huge boost.”

Kerry McIvor, BRIC Programme Manager, said:

“The bric Programme supports communities through a variety of initiatives and schemes such as study visits, community projects and training.

“We are delighted to be able to support Ardcarn Tenants and Residents’ Association and help them revitalise their Community Flat.

“Through our working partnership with the Housing Executive and Tides Training, the bric Programme is active throughout Northern Ireland and works to enhance community relations, improve the environment of local areas, and benefit local residents.”

Connor Smith, Housing Executive Good Relations Officer, said:

“The Housing Executive is delighted to be associated with the bric Programme and the invaluable work it does to help empower local residents as they work to achieve their goals of creating neighbourliness and inclusiveness in all aspects of community life.

“This work in Ardcarn will help ensure the legacy of the bric Programme remains intact for years to come.