Titanic centre visit for Rathgill group

Members of Rathgill Residents Association stepped back in time recently with a visit to the Titanic Centre in Belfast.

Titanic centre visit for Rathgill group

Titanic Centre, Belfast

Facilitated by the EU PEACE III funded Building Relationships in Communities (bric) Programme, the initiative took the delegation on a fascinating trip charting the construction and sinking of the world’s most famous cruise liner.

The group were accompanied by representatives from the PSNI and Housing Executive on the day and as well as learning all about the ship itself, those attending were also given a valuable insight into the social, political and economic history of the time and the goings on while the ship was being constructed in Belfast.

Les Nelson, Chairperson of Rathgill Community Association, said:

“This visit has been a highly enlightening experience that has allowed us to gain valuable knowledge about the lives, cultures and histories of all those involved with the Titanic story.

“We are grateful to the bric Programme for making this very worthwhile trip possible and for helping ensure Good Relations remains at the heart of all our group activities and events.”

Kerry McIvor, BRIC Programme Manager, said:

“Building Good Relations within local communities is central to the work of the bric Programme and we are very pleased to be able to support and work with Rathgill Community Association.

“Visits like these help groups see the value and importance of other cultures and the huge impact they have on our collective histories.

“Through our working partnership with the Housing Executive and Tides Training, the bric Programme is active in over 80 locations across Northern Ireland and works to enhance community relations, improve the environment of local areas, and benefit local residents.”

Raj Thompson, Housing Executive Good Relations Officer, said:

“The Housing Executive is delighted to be associated with the bric Programme and welcome initiatives like this as they provide residents with real firsthand experience of the history and pivotal events which have impacted on history.

“The bric Programme strives to improve community spirit by creating neighbourliness and inclusiveness in all aspects of community life by building relationships and understanding.”

The bric Programme is a unique partnership between the Rural Development Council, Housing Executive and Tides Training which cultivates good relations across Northern Ireland through.