Bric - Putting Good Relations at the Heart of Social Housing


The bric Programme is currently CLOSED.


Over 90% of social housing areas in Northern Ireland are segregated into single identity communities. 

Rural Development Council (RDC) was the lead partner in the Building Relationships in Communities (bric) initiative which was designed to help build the institutional good relations policy of the Housing Executive.

Bric began in 2010 and was active in over 80 locations across Northern Ireland and was delivered and implemented through a partnership approach by the RDC, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and the training consultancy TIDES.

Together, these partners worked to empower NIHE staff by encouraging them to promote a greater degree of sharing within the segregated social housing market. This was achieved by focusing on the benefits of building peace and reconciliation capacity within the organisation and facilitating the promotion of a shared society. The programme received a total of £3,522,000 worth of assistance under PEACE III.

The bric Programme came to an end in September 2014.


The bric Programme was implemented using three themes: