RDC welcomes views through Public Consultation

17 July 2013

RDC is still welcoming views on the public consultation launched on its strategic framework.

RDC welcomes views through Public Consultation
Making a Difference

Speaking on behalf of RDC, Tony Mc Cusker Chair said, “We are pleased to present this consultation on our strategic framework to 2016. We believe now more than ever that we need to come up with innovative and effective ways of developing our rural economy and supporting the resourcefulness of our rural communities. Rural problems rarely lend themselves to simple solutions. The close and immediate relationship that exists between rural communities, farmers and farm families, rural businesses and the local environment means that actions aimed at addressing rural priorities need to be joined up and carefully designed. RDC is committed to playing its part in helping to realise the full potential of rural areas and to work in partnership with others to offer a range of services to meet the needs of rural both now and in the future.”

RDC Strategic Framework 2013-2016

Give your Views

To comment on the RDC strategic framework email info@rdc.org.uk or contact RDC on 028 867 66980.