RDC appoints new Chief Executive

10 September 2013

The Chair of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Council (RDC) has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive.

RDC appoints new Chief Executive
Teresa Canavan, CEO

Tony McCusker said that “Teresa Canavan, who previously held the role of Deputy Chief Executive, would take up the CEO position with immediate effect”. 

Mr McCusker commented, “RDC Council is delighted that Teresa Canavan has been successfully appointed as the new RDC Chief Executive. Teresa has had a long career in rural development and is widely respected and recognised within the sector”.

A graduate in Business Studies Teresa also holds an MSc in Rural Development and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management & Leadership from the University of Ulster. 
Commenting on her appointment Teresa Canavan said, “‘I relish the opportunity to build on the Council’s long service in this sector, building on our partnerships and strengthening the role of our interventions in rural areas. My appointment comes at a time of change for RDC as we currently consult on our strategic framework to 2016. We believe now more than ever that we need to come up with innovative and effective ways of developing our rural economy and supporting the resourcefulness of our rural communities. RDC is committed to playing its part in helping to realise the full potential of rural areas and to work in partnership with others to offer a range of services to meet rural needs both now and in the future and I look forward to the future with enthusiasm”. 


Editors Notes:
1. RDC is an independent organisation working to ensure the collective needs and opportunities of rural areas can be realised. RDC works to promote positive and sustainable change helping to develop and regenerate rural areas for the better.

1. Teresa has a detailed working knowledge of the NI Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) having led the development of the RDC Measures for the period 2001-2006. In addition she manages the contract for the Rural Network for Northern Ireland (NIRDP 2007-2013). Teresa’s extensive understanding of the current Programme has enabled her to lead the Rural Network team to support the delivery and implementation of the programme. This involves working across all axes of the Programme, engaging with Local Action Groups, Joint Council Committees, DARD and other delivery agents. 

2. Teresa regularly represents the National Rural Network and UK at European meetings and is a representative on the NI Rural Development Programme Monitoring Committee. Teresa also manages the axis one Farm Family Options programme working with farmers and farm families through the Countryside Agri-Rural Partnership.

3. Teresa has been involved in the management of RDC programmes including PEACE I,II and extension programmes, and a range of IFI initiatives. Specifically Teresa led the development and design of a range of innovative programmes such as Vibrant Villages; Rural Service Centre Hubs; Rural Retail Support; Maximising Community Space and the Integrating Community Organisations Programmes.

4. Teresa delivers a wide range of training on behalf of RDC. This includes the delivery of Rural Proofing training to government departments; Rural Challenge Workshops and Corporate Governance, Assessment Panel and Appeals training on behalf of the Rural Network. 

For more information contact: Aileen Donnelly at RDC
T: 028 8676 6980 E: adonnelly@rdc.org.uk