Small businesses urged to get involved in 70m rural development initiative

09 December 2014

PLEASE NOTE - Registration closed on December 19th 2014

Small businesses have a big part to play in the £70m Local Action Groups (LAGs) rural development initiative being rolled out across Northern Ireland.

As LAG membership nears 750 individuals, Glyn Roberts, NIIRTA Chief Executive, recently joined with Teresa Canavan, RDC Chief Executive, to urge small businesses in rural areas or with a rural reach to get involved and play their part in creating positive change for their communities.

Glyn Roberts said:

“This is a very exciting time for rural development and it is encouraging to see so many people showing their support and helping to transform their local areas.

“It is essential that each Local Action Group is truly representative of its area and I would urge small business owners and their employees to engage in this process and help share their collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

“Small businesses are a key element of rural and village life. Through their involvement in LAGs they can make changes in rural communities and NIIRTA is delighted to support this very worthwhile initiative.”

Teresa Canavan said:

“To date, the response to the formation of LAGs has been incredible but there is always room for more people to get involved.

“The diversity of members in each LAG will help ensure bespoke solutions are formulated and implemented to deal with specific local challenges and it is essential that all sectors are represented to get the most out of this process.

“We particularly welcome the involvement of small businesses and the positive impact their suggestions will have in the delivery of schemes which will transform our rural areas.

“LAG membership is not time consuming but it will create real change. We would urge anyone with an interest in the development of their local rural areas to become a LAG member and be a part of that change.”

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