RDC chief welcomes RDP investment package

01 July 2014

The Chief Executive of the Rural Development Council, Teresa Canavan, has welcomed plans by the Agriculture & Rural Development Minister, Michelle O’Neill, to increase the Rural Development Programme budget to £623m.

RDC chief welcomes RDP investment package

Teresa Canavan, Chief Executive, Rural Development Council

Speaking at the LEADER celebration of rural development event in Stormont, Ms Canavan said the announcement by the Minister recognised the importance of the agricultural and rural development sector in Northern Ireland and the huge role it plays in supporting the rural economy and contributing to the quality of life of rural dwellers.

 “The Rural Development Council has been at the forefront of calls to ensure the new Rural Development Programme is adequately funded to support existing rural communities and businesses and progress new opportunities.

 “The announcement by the Minister has answered our requests and we are greatly encouraged by this solid commitment to agriculture, rural society and the multitude of businesses and jobs that depend upon it.”

 Referring to the £80 million to assist the development of rural economies and create jobs, Ms Canavan said “this was a very positive outcome and offers much needed support to the wider rural economy and community."