A New Cork Declaration 2016

20 September 2016

ENRD Contact Point has published a Special Edition ENRD Newsletter which provides a highlights summary of the recent Cork 2.0 European Conference on Rural Development and the Cork 2.0 Declaration that resulted. 

A New Cork Declaration 2016

More than 300 rural development stakeholders met for the Conference in Cork, Ireland, 5-6 September 2016. They participated in four thematic workshops on:

• Jobs, Growth and Investment;
• Rural environment, climate & water;
• Innovation;
• Rural viability and vitality.

Each parallel workshop went through a three-stage process to identify:

1. the main potentials and opportunities under each theme;

2. the main drivers and barriers to making the most of those opportunities; and

3. the emerging recommendations for policy and action.

A drafting committee of experts under the chairmanship of Heino von Meyer (OECD) turned these inputs into a Cork 2.0 Declaration: A Better Life in Rural Areas. This new Declaration comes exactly twenty years since the original Cork Declaration (1996) that laid the ground for Rural Development policy in Europe.