Social Media Guru addresses rural youth entrepreneurs

The Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (RYE) programme held its first Master class on Thursday 27th November 2014 in The Stem Centre, South West College Dungannon on ‘Social Media in a rural setting’.

Social Media Guru addresses rural youth entrepreneurs

(L-R) Paula Clamp, Advantage, Bill McCartney Social Media Consultant & Olga Gallagher, Director, RDC

Bill McCartney, an international Social Media Trainer, delivered the Master class to forty young people participating on the RYE programme. Bill founded his own social media agency in April 2010 and has been delivering interactive and informative workshops since then. He recently delivered social media training for the Dubai Institute of Sales and Marketing and has trained and advised a diverse range of clients from sole traders to large companies, enterprise agencies, charities and Government departments.

The Master class was to highlight the benefits social media could offer to young people living in disadvantaged rural areas who are considering self employment as an option. Topics covered; using social media techniques to increase engagement, social media research, tips and advice on how rural businesses can be successful using social media as a tool.

Olga Gallagher, Director, RDC said:

“We were delighted when Bill agreed to deliver our first Master class on Social Media in a rural setting. With today’s technology social media is a valuable tool in engaging with potential customers. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube enable businesses to increase brand awareness and communicate the directly to a wider audience with little to no budget.”

“With Bill’s passion for social media we hope our entrepreneurs have gained valuable information and will use it to enhance their businesses”.

Bill McCartney said:

“I believe Social Media, if used to its full potential, has many benefits for rural businesses. I believe an entrepreneur needs to have three things: passion, skill and a niche in the market.

“Hopefully today’s Master class will have given the participants a better insight as to how Social Media can assist them with setting up their rural business. I would like to thank the RDC for the invite and congratulate the participants and wish them well for the future”.