Selling at Christmas Crafts Fairs

Interested in turning your artistic hobby into a business?  It might seem too early to be talking about Christmas, but have you ever thought about selling your crafts at a local crafts fair? 

Selling at Christmas Crafts Fairs

The benefits can be huge such as:-

  • earning yourself some extra cash
  • testing the market
  • making new contacts

Fairs are a great way to see if what you are actually making is commercially viable.

If you’re looking for reasons why you should sell at a crafts fair, then here are a few we’ve put together.

It’s all good experience

It gives you an opportunity to test the market and get feedback about your products. It looks good on your CV and shows you are committed to work at a time when most people are taking it easy.

It pays for itself

Christmas can be an expensive time of the year but this is an excellent way of earning extra money.

Build up contacts

It’s an opportunity to network and engage with potential future customers with no overheads; fairs are a great way of building your customer database for future commissions.

Offer a prize

That way you will attract customers to your stand.