Rural Social Media

The Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (RYE) programme held a Social Media Master class in CAFRE Greenmount, Antrim at the end of March 2015.

Rural Social Media

Naomh McElhatton, RUA Digital with students from CAFRE Greenmount and David Dowd Lecturer.

Naomh McElhatton, Director of RUA Digital addressed an audience of twenty young people highlighting to them the benefits of using Social Media. Naomh is well aware of the issues and challenges faced by individuals and rural businesses’ needs within the ever growing and fast moving online market place. Naomh is one of NI’s Top 40 under 40 in 2011 & 2014, is Northern Ireland’s Regional Coordinator for Go ON UK, and is a digital marketing mentor for a number of local government bodies and Enterprise development authorities north and south of Ireland.

The number of start-ups in Northern Ireland is on the rise and this Masterclass was to highlight to young people who are considering self employment as an option the benefits social media could offer. Topics covered; customer engagement; revenue creation; building loyalty and tips and advice on how to maximize the correct channels.

Olga Gallagher, Director, RDC said:

“We were delighted when Naomh agreed to deliver the Masterclass on Social Media. Living and managing her own business in a rural setting Naomh knows too well the challenges people are faced with, living in an era when technology is progressing rapidly. Social media is now a valuable platform used in engaging with potential customers. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube enable businesses to increase brand awareness and communicate directly with a wider audience with little to no budget.”

“With Naomh’s passion and enthusiasm we hope our entrepreneurs have gained valuable information and will use it to enhance their businesses”.

Naomh McElhatton said:

“Social Media is everywhere; it is a powerful tool that is in everyone’s hand, pocket and handbag. If used to its full potential, rural businesses can succeed and have many benefits. Hopefully this Masterclass will have given the participants a better insight as to how Social Media can assist them with setting up their rural business. I would like to thank the RDC for the invite and wish all the participants well for the future”.