RYE Connect START Workshops Underway

RYE Connect are now delivering START workshops across all the partner countries. Young people in Northern Ireland, Finland and Greenland have all been given the opportunity to turn their passion, vision and ideas into business plans.

RYE Connect START Workshops Underway

The workshops involve addressing the perceptions the young people have about starting a business. A series of interactive entrepreneurial activities allow the participants to explore many key areas of their business idea such as market research, branding, selling and finance. The participants are also encouraged to explore how they would learn to manage themselves, as well as others.

At the end of workshop 1 the young entrepreneurs complete a RYE Connect Health Check on their business idea, looking critically at 8 key performance areas of their business idea: Vision, Managing People & Managing Yourself, Operations, Selling, Products & Services, Finance, Marketing and Growth.

The simple traffic light scoring system allows the young entrepreneur to assess which areas require further research and attention. During further workshops the young entrepreneurs will start to expand on each area, developing their idea until they have a Business Plan suitable for presenting to potential investors.

"I found the workshop very exciting and most informative, I now believe my business idea has potential to become a real possibility".

Pictured are RYE START participants in Greenland.