RYE Connect Reaches New Frontiers

The RYE Connect project started 2017 with continued outreach activity across the NPA region. As part of the Arctic Frontiers Conference in January a RYE Connect workshop was delivered to a group of international students attending the Arctic Students Forum which was organised by the University of Tromso (UiT The Arctic University of Norway).

RYE Connect Reaches New Frontiers

A group of 38 students from a variety of disciplines were set a sustainability challenge prior to attending the workshop, the challenge was to identify and measure a potential change that could contribute to Global sustainable development in any of the four domains of ecology, economics, politics and culture. Their mission was to record observations on issues that they felt could be done better or in a different way and to identify particular problems which could be barriers to sustainable development both locally and globally. The students were asked to think creatively and to come up with a 'Unicorn Idea'.

During the workshop the students were placed in groups and asked to talk through their findings and suggested solutions which could be developed into a new business idea. Each group were asked to prioritise one of their business ideas and develop it using the RYE Drawing Board technique. Using this technique they were able to develop their idea into a Start - Up concept, figuring out how it would be possible to implement the idea in practice and shape into the form of a business.

The students came up with some very innovative ideas including 'PlastOff' a fishing net specifically designed to capture plastics from the ocean for recycling, 'Tonguage' a language camp for young people, and 'Nomedics' who designed a medical supplies service specifically for Nomadic communities. The highly interactive and thought provoking workshop ended with each group presenting their idea to their peers.