RYE Case Study - Glenelly Turns

Micheál Murphy is 18 years old and is from Plumbridge, Co Tyrone.   From a young age Micheál enjoyed working with wood and enjoyed the satisfaction of actually producing something unique.  His passion for woodwork deepened and around a year and a half ago he became interested in woodturning.

RYE Case Study - Glenelly Turns

Micheál in his workshop at home

After completing his A’ Levels this summer, Micheál invested some of his money and purchased tools such as a  lathe, chisels, sander, handsaw, drills and safety equipment and spent most of his time in the garage perfecting his skills and techniques producing high quality products.  

Micheál said:

The bowls which I make are each individually handmade to a very high standard and vary in size and shape.  I tend to use wood that is very distinctive with a beautiful grain to enhance the quality of the finished product.

“My products are unique and every bowl craved has different characteristics unlike plastic and ceramics. I believe when selling something handmade the product should have a story behind it for example, where the wood came from, how it was made and who crafted it.

“I hope to introduce new products to the market in the future such as cheese boards, platters, tables and chairs.

“I tend to find that my customers are people who are looking for something different and an alternative to plastic or ceramic and are willing to pay for high quality handmade items.  To date my customers have learnt of my pieces through family and friends which have been very supportive.  As the business grows I plan to set up a facebook page and eventually a website so that more people will be aware of my business and the products on offer.”

Olga Gallagher, Director RYE said:

“Micheál attended the RYE Workshops held in Dennett Interchange, Strabane back in August 2014.  He has benefited from the advice and support since attending.  RYE is delighted to be associated with Micheál and would like to congratulate him on starting a wood turning enterprise called Glenelly Turns. We wish him well with his new business venture and have no doubt that he will be a huge success in the future”.

For more information about Micheál’s products you can contact him on Micheal_Murphy@hotmail.co.uk