RYE Bursary

RYE is funded by DARD under the Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation programme, it is an awareness raising and developmental programme for rural young people between 16-30yrs. 

RYE Bursary

A few of the rural businesses which have been supported by the RYE Bursary

As part of the programme a small number of RYE Bursaries are available to participants who attend RYE workshops and are in the process of setting up their own business or are in the early stages of trading / selling.

Olga Gallagher, RDC said;

“To date we have been able to award RYE Bursaries to nine rural start-up businesses offering them assistance with promotional material.  The businesses range from agricultural, fashion, beauty, dog grooming, wood turning, soccer coaching, singer song writer and wedding design consultants.

“Branding is an important factor for any business identity and it can be costly to create and produce advertising products.  We have collaborated with the young people to help develop their logo and brand image and we are delighted with the results.

“If any rural young person would like to hear more about the RYE programme please contact Gillian on gmaxwell@rdc.org.uk or Gail on glees@rdc.org.uk for further information.”