Gortin hooks up with RYE

The Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (RYE) programme recently travelled to Gortin Community where a group of young dynamic people attended workshops over a course of three weeks. 

Gortin hooks up with RYE

As an alternative option for young people living in rural areas the workshops are designed to raise awareness of self employment and entrepreneurship. The RYE programme is funded by DARD under the Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation programme it is managed and delivered by the RDC in partnership with Advantage. 

Angela O’Brien, Centre Manager said:

“On behalf of Gortin Community I would like to take this opportunity and thank staff at RDC and Advantage for the delivery of these workshops. I can truthfully say those who attended the workshops have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The young people found the RYE workshops to be an interesting way of learning which has opened up their minds to new opportunities.

 “What they liked most was the manner RYE was delivered in; fun and enlightening.   This is important factor as well as being delivered locally and free of charge.”

Olga Gallagher, RDC Director said:

“We are delighted with the positive feedback received from community groups such as Gortin. Creating opportunities for young people to stay in their local area is vital for sustaining rural communities and the RYE programme is designed to do just that catering for all abilities”.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who attended the workshops and look forward to hearing of new rural business start ups in the near future.”