Calling community representatives to host RYE events

The Rural Youth Entrepreneurship programme (RYE) is calling on all active community representatives to consider hosting RYE Information Events in their venues.    This is an opportunity for them to hear about the success of RYE to date, the benefits it has to offer and the role they could play in promoting and shaping rural youth entrepreneurship.

Calling community representatives to host RYE events

(L-R) George McAuley, Gillian Maxwell, Una Rowan & Martin Magee

With challenging times ahead and industries struggling the RYE programme is designed to encourage young people to think about self-employment and entrepreneurship as an alternative option to employment.

Funded by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) under the Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation programme, RYE is delivered by RDC and Advantage.  It is designed as an awareness raising and developmental programme for rural young people between the ages of 16 and 30.

A RYE Information Event was held recently in Cushendall, speaking after the event Una Rowan, Senior Administrator Cushendall Community said:

“The RYE programme was looking for community venues to host workshops in the North Coast. I felt young people living locally could benefit from the programme and agreed to help promote the programme with other organisations operating locally.  Hearing the information first hand was informative and beneficial with opportunities for both new and existing businesses.”

Olga Gallagher, Director RDC said:

“Community representatives are key advocates when it comes to engaging with the local community and raising awareness of opportunities.  Their support and enthusiasm for rural communities ensure they survive in an ever changing and demanding environment. We were delighted when Una contacted us and offered to promote the programme within the area and would like to thank her for her support.  We would ask rural community organisations interested in hosting an information event to contact us on 028 867 66980.”