Brantry has talent

Brantry Area Rural Development Association recently hosted Rural Youth Entrepreneurship programme in the B.A.R.D Centre, Brantry located outside Dungannon, where a group of young enthusiastic people attended workshops over a course of three weeks.

Brantry has talent

Paula Clamp, Advantage with some of the participants who attended the RYE workshops in B.A.R.D Centre

Funded by DARD under the Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation programme the Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (RYE) programme is managed and delivered by the RDC in partnership with Advantage.

The workshops are designed to raise awareness of self employment and entrepreneurship as an alternative option for young people living in rural areas.

Speaking on behalf of Brantry, Gael Gildernew said:

“I can only commend the RDC and Advantage in the delivery of these workshops, which are a fantastic way to introduce young people to self employment. Pitched at the right level and delivered within the area saving the young person having to travel further afield has been a huge benefit.

“I can whole heartily say those who attended the workshops have thoroughly enjoyed it they found it interesting and a fun way of learning. They certainly left with food for thought; it has opened up their minds to new opportunities.

“Great ideas have come out of these workshops and we as community leaders must support our young people and hope that the local community will benefit from new business creation in the not so distant future.

“I would strongly urge all rural young people to register for the RYE programme”.

Olga Gallagher, RYE Director said:

“It is great to receive positive feedback from community leaders. The RYE Programme aims to encourage and support young people and is designed to cater for all abilities. Nourishing young talent and creating opportunities for young people to stay in the local area is vital for sustaining rural communities.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who attended the workshops and look forward to hearing of new rural business start ups in the near future.”