RYE Connect


RYE Connect will offer an expanded RYE model which will provide transnational business opportunities, services and solutions for young entrepreneurs aged 16-30 years.

The programme aims to support young people wishing to set up a new business, entrepreneurs who have an existing business who wish to grow their business through export opportunities and those who are facing difficulties within their existing business who require support and guidance to turn their business around.

RYE Connect is funded by the Northern Periphery and Artic Programme through the European Regional Development Fund and supported by the DARD Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation Programme. The programme will be delivered by project partners in Finland, Greenland and Northern Ireland and a wider Associate Network spanning the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region. RDC work in partnership with Advantage to deliver the RYE Connect programme in Northern Ireland.

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For further information visit the RYE Connect website at www.ryeconnect.eu