Changing Minds

This was achieved through the creation and distribution of a bespoke training programme which ensured Good Relations were at the heart of all of NIHE’s policies and service delivery functions.

The specifically tailored training allowed Good Relations to be instilled into NIHE at all levels through a top down and bottom up approach that worked together to make sure the importance of these values were recognised by all staff within the organisation.

The top down model included a training programme on good relations that was delivered to the governance structure of NIHE and its central and policy staff including: NIHE Board, Housing Council (representatives from all 26 District Councils), Directors, Central Policy Staff, Design Staff, Planning Staff, Area Office Staff and District Office Staff. 

As lead partner RDC utilised its experiences of similar institutional training to provide an advisory, mentoring and challenge function to NIHE which helped fully embed the changing minds concept within NIHE culture.

Meanwhile, the bottom up model actively trained NIHE staff alongside the Housing Executive’s Housing Community Network. This  helped secure community participation at every level of NIHE’s organisational structure from the Central Network to 5 Area Networks, to 35 District networks. 

Made up of over 650 local residents/community associations located within NIHE Housing Estates, this approach included a bespoke collaborative training programme that was grounded in good relations. 

Over 80 resident/community associations, alongside the corresponding Housing Executive District staff member for their estate benefited from this training along with other NIHE staff located within the community, including Neighbourhood Wardens, Anti Social Behaviour Area Officers and NIHE District Office Community Liaison staff.

Together these models took the NIHE staff and their community partners on a Good Relations journey which promoted the benefits a shared society and saw RDC and TIDES work closely with them to develop plans and activities which encouraged and sharde best practices and procedures to NIHE staff in development capacity techniques.

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