• UCAN - United Youth Programme

    UCAN - United Youth Programme

  • Rural Network for Northern Ireland

    Rural Network- Supporting rural development locally, nationally & across Europe

  • Rural Youth Entrepreneurship

    RYE - RDC working in partnership to encourage Rural Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Countryside Agri Rural Partnership

    Countryside Agri-Rural Partnership - RDC working in partnership to improve the lives of farmers and farm family members. 

  • Building Relationships in Communities

    BRIC – Building Relationships in Communities  - encouraging greater social integration in Northern Ireland’s housing sector

  • Rural Respecting Difference Programme

    Rural Respecting Difference Programme - working in partnership to increase awareness of diversity and difference within schools and after schools

  • Maximising Community Space

    Maximising Community Space  - Advancing Good Relations in community halls


RDC, the rural development organisation for Northern Ireland, works to support and encourage integrated rural development actions that recognise and value the contribution of agriculture, rural regeneration, the environment and culture in realising its vision of 'a living, working, sustainable and shared countryside'. 

***2016 will see the Rural Development Council celebrate 25 years.  During the year we plan to celebrate this milestone so watch this space***


Have your say on communicating with DARD online

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is seeking your views on a proposal to introduce online as it’s primary channel for communicating and transacting with customers, including applicants to EU area-based schemes.

RCN host AGM and Annual Conference

The Rural Community Network is hosting its AGM and Annual Conference on Friday 20th November 2015.

ONeill launches Farm Business Improvement Scheme

Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has announced that the first phase of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme (FBIS) will open on Monday 9 November 2015.

UCAN calls for rural young people

* Aged 16-24?

* Living in rural Mid Ulster?

* Not in employment, education or training?

UCAN wants to hear from YOU!

Over 1,000 farmers access FarmSafeNet

Over 1,000 farmers have accessed FarmSafeNet, the online farm safety tool designed to raise awareness of the dangers that exist on farms.