• Rural Network for Northern Ireland

    Rural Network- Supporting rural development locally, nationally & across Europe

  • Countryside Agri Rural Partnership

    Countryside Agri-Rural Partnership - RDC working in partnership to improve the lives of farmers and farm family members. 

  • Rural Respecting Difference Programme

    Rural Respecting Difference Programme - working in partnership to increase awareness of diversity and difference within schools and after schools

  • Rural Youth Entrepreneurship

    Rye - RDC working in partnership to encourage Rural Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Building Relationships in Communities

    BRIC – Building Relationships in Communities  - encouraging greater social integration in Northern Ireland’s housing sector

  • Maximising Community Space

    Maximising Community Space  - Advancing Good Relations in community halls


RDC, the rural development organisation for Northern Ireland, works to support and encourage integrated rural development actions that recognise and value the contribution of agriculture, rural regeneration, the environment and culture in realising its vision of 'a living, working, sustainable and shared countryside'. 

Established in 1991, RDC has a track record in rural development spanning 22 years. 


Rural Development Be Part of the Local Action

Rural dwellers across Northern Ireland are being given the opportunity to be part of a local action movement designed to bring about positive change in their local areas.

ONeill urges participation in Local Action Groups (LAGs)

Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill, MLA has urged rural dwellers across the north to become involved with a Local Action Group (LAG) to shape,guide and deliver positive transformation in their communities.

Rural Development Minister announces Priority 6 budget allocations for Council areas

Priority 6 funding for Rural Development is a European priority and is designed to promote social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas which will focus on supporting: business development, diversification and basic services. The funding will be administered by newly formed Local Action Groups (LAG).

Take advantage of FREE benefits entitlement check - Age Concern Causeway

With winter looming older people are once again facing the difficulty of heating their home, buying groceries and paying their bills.

Volunteer Recruitment Fair

Charities, voluntary organisations and community groups are searching for volunteers, people like you!